InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator
This is an informational booklet about The Arbour—Ontario’s first institutional tall-wood, net-zero carbon emissions building. The Arbour will eventually be located at George Brown College’s waterfront campus. The booklet is intended to be read by potential shareholders and donors to inform and excite them about this new building. 
The concept for this booklet focused on using a clean, “less is more” style with an emphasis on the building’s main material—wood. This idea was brought to life through the use of bright, large imagery, modern typography, negative space, and illustrative tree rings as a repetitive graphic element. This concept was appropriate because it was established that the target audience would be people who may not have the time to go through and read each section. Therefore, the document needed to have very clear headings and smaller sections of text so the viewer could easily spot what they were looking for, while also understanding the concept of the building itself.

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